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Natural Perfume Fragrance Portfolio (3.4 floz)

Natural Perfume Fragrance Portfolio (3.4 floz)

Natural Perfume Fragrance Portfolio (3.4 floz)


Choose from the following scents by using the drop-down menu above:

Sē'bŭm Lime: Prominence of Organic Lime blended with a subtle masculine cologne with notes of cedarwood, black pepper, and clove. ($375)

Sē'bŭm Green: Woodland Moss Essential Oil Blend starts with a foundation of a very special wood only found in Australia. From there we build heavy on the green herbaceous notes to create a very moss forward scent with a hint of a powdery lemon back note. ($440)

Sē'bŭm Gold: Fruity and woodsy spice that mellows into a toasted almond like floral with a faint and clean spicy background. ($460)

Monsoon: Thai inspired coconut Co2 Extract foundation with the tropical floral of Ylang Ylang essential oil harmoniously fusing with Lemongrass and Thai Bergamont citrus; rounded out with the herbaceousness of Sweet Basil softened by Organic Coumarin Crystals. This blend offers summertime synergy that will appeal to many noses that appreciate refreshing scents not anchored down by dark woods and resins associated with the classic amber or oriental accord families of perfumery. ($460)

Max Sprecher: A collaboration with famed straight razor bladesmith; his signature scent needed to be perfect! Max shares an affinity for everything Dark and Herbaceous and we weaved those two loves into a loop of complexity stitched with the overtones of Belgian Chocolate. This is a symphony of masculine scents from natural essential oils. Unlike todays synthetic "cologne" scents, this is the real deal. Brooding and Sophisticated. ($470)

Limoncello: Lemon Meringue meets aromatic Fougère. A Lovely essential oil blend from the upper mid-level budget. ($470)

Aqua -  Ocean Beachfront Essential Oil Blend: Upon application your're hit by a Dark & Stormy floral. Like a fast moving tropical storm, it disappears as quick as it came. After a brief calm, notes of melon come to the front; pulling the citrus of Japanese Yuzu with it. The transition from tropical fruit to a soft ocean breeze is flawless. This is the perfect delicate scent in Summer. ($500)

Hookah: Notes of Cherry (Bitter Almond), Tobacco Leaf, Coumarin, and Oak Moss. Upon application you will be blasted by a strong cherry that transitions into a mildly sweet tobacco and powdery coumarin breaking to the forefront and grounded in oakmoss offering you a very pleasant experience. ($500)

Gardd Rhosyn:  This blend includes prominent notes of Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Clary Sage, Double Distilled Vetiver, and Black Pepper. ($615)

Basil Hayden: This collarboration focused around Organic Moroccan Neroli (a Whopping 27%). From there we built on our Client's favorite mixology notes uitilizing Japanese Hinoki Wood, Black Pepper, Sweet Basil, White Grapefruit, Sweet Fennel, Vanilla, and lastly a dash of Smokey Oakmoss. (Slight sediment in oil based perfume is expected over time. Just stir to homogenize.) ($700)

Heart of Darkness: An exquisite example of naturel perfumery built on a trilogy blend of Rose Absolutes from Bulgaria, Morocco, and Turkey darkened by Saffron Absolute (the rarest spice in the world). Saffon offers the green rose floral a leather base that floats on Black Pepper and Coffee Co2 Extract. Finally the blend binds with tenaciuos Labdanum Absolute offering a fixative of sweet balsamic aroma with a faint herbaceous nuance and a persistent ambergris-like backnote. ($820)

Fossil: 35-Million-Year-Old Ancient Amber & Authentic Oud (Agarwood) essential oil blend, with a dash of natural coumarin crystals! Aged Leather and very Animalic. Extremely Primal! Fossil is a pheromonal atom splitter at the most primitive and instinctual levels of lust. These are the most tenacious base notes that I have ever worked with, and will sit close to the skin for a very long time. ($1675)



Old school 3.4 fl oz bottle (100ml) that has been custom sandblasted and stoneground for a friction fit top cap. Comes with a traditional glass wand for application, Ships in a separate cork and wax sealed bottle with funnel for decanting. Optional: 30ml Super Lux Heavy-Duty Travel Bottle w/ Walnut Cap available and includes Custom Sandblasted Name Engraving.


Lead time is an estimated 45-60 days to age your perfume blend. 

*Alcohol based perfumes must ship using Ground Service (USA Lower 48 Only). International Customers and Customers in Hawaii, Alaska, and US Territories will receive Oil Based versions of our perfumes even if they selected the alcohol option!