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The Sē'bŭm Gold Advantage

Soothing Anti-Aging Formula that Mimics Your Natural Lipid Barrier while Utilizing Aromatherapy & Natural Perfumery

  • Petrochemical Free

    We never use preservatives or petrochemical fragrance oils. Our serum contains Zero water unlike highly deluted serums on the market today. You Get what you pay for with us.

  • Superior to Jojoba

    Jojoba Oil is a wax mono ester. This only accounts for 30% of your natural sebum. Our balanced formula is synthesized by nature accounting for sebum's entire composition

  • Alcohol Free

    Alcohol Splash Aftershaves disintegrate your natural lipid barrier and beneficial flora. Alcohol further exacerbates transepidermal water loss leaving your skin dehydrated

  • Won't Clog Pores

    Post-Shave Balms are highly comedogenic with a general rating of 4 on a scale of five. Sebum Gold on the other hand has a very low rating of under 1.5 allowing quick absorbtion by the skin  

Sē'bŭm Gold Skincare

Modern skincare products often disrupt the epidermal ecosystem causing a long term imbalance for a short-term gain. Unlike Sē'bŭm Gold, many other serums dilute quality ingredients with water, which then requires emulsifiers and toxic petrochemical preservatives to be added to the formula. Or they may target one beneficial ingredient as exemplified by Vitamin-A Serums and Vitamin-C Serums. We disagree with this approach as your skin consists of a multitude of complex lipid combinations and benefits from an array of vitamins and minerals. Sē'bŭm Gold provides this multi-vitamin/mineral approach while replicating your sebum's natural lipid combination using a balanced formulation of natural plant extracts loaded with antioxidants.