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All Sales are Final. By making a purchase on our website you agree that the item(s) involved in the transaction are non-returnable and non-refundable.

We ship our products world-wide to countries serviced by USPS, but cannot stay abreast of every government's Customs Protocols. Our product(s) are made, packaged, and labeled in accordance with regulations governing the American marketplace. You as the Importer are responsible to be familiar with what your country allows you to import and are fully responsible for payment of any taxes or duties associated with your purchase. We do not offer an expressed or implied warranty that your purchase will clear your government's customs. Failure to clear customs because you have not paid the associated taxes and or duties, or for any other reason, does not void the sale. We will not refund your order. 

Helpful Tips:

1) Our products HS Tariff Code is 3307101000 (non-alcohol shaving products). Check to see if your government's customs forbids the import of products under this code.

2) Some countries will not clear goods shipped via economy mail services of the United States Post Office if shipping to a non-commercial entity. If shipping to your personal self and residence, familiarize yourself with shipping services offered by the USPO that your country will clear. This is often a protective measure to make you pay higher shipping charges with higher taxes to discourage you from buying abroad, while at the same time allowing businesses of the country to get their supplies and materials at the cheaper shipping rate.

3) Some countries Custom Agencies have bad reputations for theft by employees. If you think your country may be one of them, ship your order to your work address. Theft by Customs Agents is generally made against personal shipments to individuals, as the fall out and lash back would be severe if the country's business entities could not reliably receive the goods that drive the economy.