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Exotic Trilogy Set - Lab Series

Exotic Trilogy Set - Lab Series

Exotic Trilogy Set - Lab Series


This Exotic Trilogy Set includes Blue, Basil Hayden, & Green Rose!

Each serum is packaged in our Lab Series 1/2 oz glass bottle dropper with calibration marks on the applicator.

Sē'bŭm Blue - Made with Earth's Rarest Essential Oils:

This 100% essential oil blend is so exotic that only one note of the blend is even available as a synthetic fragrance oil. Meaning the remainder of the blend is comprised of olfactory stimulants reserved for the very few. Aromatically you'll experience a tart & herbaceous bouquet reminiscent of wild blueberries, yet too sophisticated to be an easily labeled or contrived scent.

From an Aromatherapy point of view this is a Super Serum that is extremely rejuvenating and excels with more anti-inflammatory attributes than any other serum we make. The consistency is thinner than our other serums and penetrates deep and fast. If you suffer from inflamed red skin we highly recommend Sē'bŭm Blue.

Basil Hayden:

Our Client who commissioned Basil Hayden is a big fan of the Mixology Arts. He has a vast appreciation for high-end natural ingredients and for the ability of the mixologist to create cocktails that trick the mind into believing that you are not consuming alcohol.

This collarboration forcused around Organic Moroccan Neroli (a Whopping 27%). From there we built on our Client's favorite mixology notes uitilizing Japanese Hinoki Wood, Black Pepper, Sweet Basil, White Grapefruit, Sweet Fennel, Vanilla, and lastly a dash of Smokey Oakmoss. (Slight sediment in serum from oakmoss is expected over time. Just shake to homogenize.) To commission our matching perfume visit here and select from drop-down menu.

Green Rose:

We love this Green Rose! A Harmonious blend of Rose Trilogy Absolute (Bulgaria, Morocco, and Turkey) infused with Clary Sage Essential Oil. The Clary Sage brings the perfect balance of greenery with rose buds!

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