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Tonka Bean Shave Co. Shaving Soap "Au Naturel" (Limited Revival)

Tonka Bean Shave Co. Shaving Soap "Au Naturel" (Limited Revival)

Tonka Bean Shave Co. Shaving Soap "Au Naturel" (Limited Revival)


This is a SG Customs formula revival of our former Sister Company, Tonka Bean Shave Company. TBSC was our attempt to bring an uber luxury shave soap base to the market by cutting costs on SG packaging, utilizing processed stearic acid in the formula, buying rarely available Tonka Bean Butter in bulk, and selling direct to consumers at wholesale pricing. 

Argued by some customers to be the best performing soap our artistan umbrella of brands ever offered. The brand lasted 8 months. As a business model it just was not sustainable economically for us and we chose to pull the plug to the dismay of many. This is an opportunity for those dissapointed with its removal from the market and those who missed it the first time around, to experience it in the packaging the formula deserves!


Tonka Bean Butter - The Slickest Ingredient in Shaving

Tonka Bean is world-renowned for the inclusion of its fragrance as a main ingredient in the top 13% of men's colognes. Through our innovative research and experimentation; we have discovered a new use for Tonka Bean outside of its fragrance. Tonka Bean Butter is the most costly and difficult to source Organic Butter in the world! Tonka Bean Butter outperforms all other saponifiable ingredients in terms of slickness. 

Soap ingredients are made up of fatty acids that owe their slickness to the length of their molecular carbon-chain. The longer the carbon-chain and the abundance thereof; the slicker the soap! Common and regularly available soap ingredients on the mass market have fatty acid profiles ranging from 9-18 Carbons long. In stark contrast, 70% of Tonka Bean Butter's profile is an outstanding 20-24 Carbons long! Simply put, Tonka Bean Butter is a Super Bio-Lubricant!

While focused on Slickness, this soap will quickly blow up to a voluminious lather with ease! This soap is very friendly to the beginner wetshaver. Natural Tonka Bean Butter produces a light and sweet gourmand oatmeal like aroma with additional nuances of vanilla, coumarin, and cinnamon like notes

The 7oz jar is 100% recycled glass utilizing laser engraved Hawaiian Koa wood and includes our newest technology of High-Def Graffix Corks! 

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Saponified Oils of Mango Butter, Virgin Passion Fruit Seed Oil, Stearic Acid, Organic Tonka Bean Butter (Superfat), Babassu Oil