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Max Sprecher Wood Inlay Edition Shave Soap

$165.00 $215.00 saving $50.00
Max Sprecher Wood Inlay Edition Shave Soap

Max Sprecher Wood Inlay Edition Shave Soap

$165.00 $215.00 saving $50.00

7oz Shaving Soap.

 What Makes This Inlay Edition Special! 

Compared with our Original Edition this special inlay edition requires much more labor and it shows! For one, our inlay edition utilizes Laser Engraved labels vs regular printed labels. This gives the label more depth and tactile feel in the hand. We upgraded the wood to the Olive Wood Species from our standard Hawaiian Koa. We have emboldened the design of the label to make Max's name more prominent than our own, with the addition of Diamond Graphics to represent Max's standard of excellence and his past as a jeweler in Belgium.

The Most Prominent change is obviously the Cork Work! While both corks are hand dyed a dark chocolate, the original has a hot foil stamp in plain text that mimics Abalone. The stamping process literally takes 4 seconds. On the otherhand, Our Special Wood Inlay Edition requires several levels of engraving the cork with quality graphics. Next we must precisely cut a trimmed mirror image of the engraving for a snug fit from Hawaiian Koa Wood. This requires approximately an additional hour of labor over the original set's packaging. 


Save $50 by ordering this Spare!

This Spare is from a small batch order of 20 sets. By making this small batch vs. one set, we are able to reduce our production costs and pass the savings onto you! In fact, if you were to commission our standard Max Set, the soap would be $165. So it is like receiving a free upgrade to a wood inlay cork!


History of the Scent Collaboration with Max Sprecher!

We are so proud to present this set! It was an honor to work with Max as part of our Deluxe Service Package. Max Sprecher originally hails from Belgium and started his career as a jeweler in Antwerp.  Today you know him better as a world-renowned straight razor craftsman from Las Vegas; regarded as the highest standard in bladesmithing and widely sought after for his beautiful signature scales of Abalone & Mother of Pearl.

We collaborated on his personal scent for 2+ months. Like his hardware, his signature scent needed to be perfect! Max shares an affinity for everything Dark and Herbaceous and we weaved those two loves into a loop of complexity stitched with the overtones of Belgian Chocolate. This is not damp leaves or dirt, rather a symphony of masculine scents from natural essential oils. Unlike todays synthetic "cologne" scents, this is the real deal. Brooding and Sophisticated.


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