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Man-Made Custom Commission

Man-Made Custom Commission

Man-Made Custom Commission


Our Man-Made Custom Commission package allows you to save 50-58% off SG Customs Basic Service Package. Our Man-Made Collection caters to those less concerned with Aromatherapy & Natural Perfumery, but want access to Sē'bŭm Gold's shaving skincare products with more affordable synthetic scents. 

This package allows you to pick just a serum or a matching set of shaving soap (7oz) and post-shave serum (3.5oz). Synthetic scents don't fluctuate in costs from basic to exotic like essential oils do, so we can offer this package at one flat rate. We can also deliver a Man-Made Commission in an estimated 30-days instead of 45-days because synthetic scents don't require blending and aging like our essential oil blends do.

This package also allows you to design your own packaging. You choose the following:

  • Serum Wax Color
  • Soap Cork Artwork (Laser Engraves & Inlays)
  • Soap Cork Dye Color
  • Wood Label Species
  • Name Your Set (labels)

    Our Man-Made Custom Commission package starts at $95 for just a serum or $175 for the entire shave set. Choose your preference from the Drop-Down above.

    All Sales are Final! We are not responsible for allergies or your chosen scent meeting your envisioned expectations. For an additional cost, we can offer you samples of your chosen scents.

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