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Madagascar Exotic Shaving Set

Madagascar Exotic Shaving Set

Madagascar Exotic Shaving Set


This Exotic Shave Set (Serum Only optional) consist of Pure Organic Madagascar Vanilla Co2 Total Extract with 12% Vanillin Content. 

Rich, warm, sweet, and has a somewhat woody/animalic-like aroma, with soft notes of spice and tobacco and a very deep, sweet, balsamic body note. Its fragrance is one of universal appeal as its influence on the emotions invites sensuality, relaxes inhibitions, and dissolves anger and frustration.

The CO2 Total Extraction Advantage!

Vanilla cannot be processed as a steam distilled essential oil, but if it could, the CO2 Total Extraction process would have an advantage over essential oils. CO2 Total Extracts are produced by using the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method. CO2 Total Extracts possess an advantage over essential oils because none of the volatile (aromatic) molecules are lost to heat like in the steam distillation of essential oils. These volatile (aromatic) molecules each have their own molecular weight. Some aromatic molecules are too heavy to be present in a steam distilled essential oil. However, these heavier aromatic molecules are present in CO2 Extracts. Therefore, CO2 Extracts offer the more authentic aroma of nature than steam distilled essential oils do. Another Benefit is there are no residual toxic solvents (ex. Hexane) left behind like those found in Vanilla Absolutes, the most common extraction method of materials that can’t be steam distilled. 

What Makes Vanilla an Exotic Choice?

The majority of the world has not smelled real vanilla due to its scarcity and labor intense hand-pollination farming practices that take 5 years after planting to set its first blossoms. It takes 600 hand-pollinated blossoms to produce only 1 kilo of cured Vanilla pods. These are picked by hand while still green and are sold to special processing plants where they are sorted, blanched, steamed, and sun-dried. They are then re-sorted, dried in the shade, and fermented while being continually evaluated for aroma and individually inspected for quality. No wonder Vanilla is such a precious commodity!

The past few years were economically disastrous for Vanilla because of vastly increased global demand, a series of poor harvests, and typhoons in 2017. Due to shortages of quality beans, prices SKYROCKETED and availability is extremely limited. Though as of 2021 we have seen prices begin to stabilize slightly as plantings after the 2017 typhoons are begining to blossom at the 5 year marker.

Packaging Choices to Match the Scarcity of Real Vanilla:

This set uses our most exotic wood label option of African Zebrawood. We round this out with our "rough bark" cork stopper on the 7oz soap, that we exclusively reserve for exotic shave sets over $1,000. Completing the set is our exclusive 1.7oz stone-ground post-shave serum decanter.

Choose Serum Only or Shave Set from the drop down. Estimated lead-time of 45 days.

* Please note that Vanilla will turn the soap brown over time. This is normal.