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Luxury Shave Soap Sampler (4 x 1oz)

Luxury Shave Soap Sampler (4 x 1oz)

Luxury Shave Soap Sampler (4 x 1oz)


Scents may vary from photos. Read full description.


Luxury Palm Free & Nickel Free Soap Base

Our soap base is Saponified oils of Kokum Butter, Illipe Butter, Virgin Red Raspberry Seed Oil, and Essential Oil Blend. All great skin food, but our real advantage is what we don't use. Take a look at your top 5 soaps. Chances are the first ingredient on the list says one of these three things: Stearic Acid, Potassium Stearate, or Sodium Stearate. They are just 3 differrent ways to say stearic acid.
Stearic acid is very important to shaving soap to suspend a lather that does not break down. Other soapers typically use 50-70% of this cheap ingredient in their formula. The problem is, there is no such thing as a stearic acid nut, tree, or flower. So that means it is synthetically produced with chemicals; most commonly leached from Palm Oil by using a toxic nickel slurry as a catalyst. This can result in trace amounts of colloidal nickel in the finished product. You can learn more about this process here.
Our all-natural product is formulated with copious amounts of luxurious butters naturally high in stearic acid, balanced with exotic skin loving oils to achieve lather with perfect cushion, slickness, & post-shave feel. We are all about purity! We belive artisan products should be more than copying mass produced products on a cottage industry scale. Chemically leached Stearic acid, petrochemical fragrance oils, and mass produced plastic packaging with poly labels does not seem very artisan to us. It is simply bad for the environment. We create products that are healthy for you and the earth!


Lather & Consistency:

Our soap has the consistency of slick sour cream. When properly bowl lathered, our soap goes from brush loading paste to a slowly expanding dense lather; bypassing the airy and foamy proto-lather stage common with many subpar soaps. Our soap is very soft and we recommend loading with a semi-dry synthetic knot for best results. Build your lather by adding water little by little; a few drops at a time..

Sē'bŭm Gold -  Skin Loving Aromatherapy Blend:

Scented for those with sensitive skin and designed to pair with our Serum by the same name. You will be delighted to find an aroma that is complex and sophisticated. Pop the cork and you will be hit with a fruity and woodsy spice that mellows into a toasted almond like floral with a faint and clean spicy background. 

Sē'bŭm Purple -  Lavender & Mint Julep EO Blend:

Not quite as exotic as Blue or Rose. Purple is comfort food for the nose; offering a scent everyone can understand with out much interpetation. Think of a calm lavender breeze riding on a sharp menthol current that mellows into a sweet floral mint. The menthol hit of the soap is slightly more prominent than in our matching Post-Shave Serum by the same name.


Sē'bŭm Latte -  Gourmand Select Co2 Extract Blend:

Off the beaten path from our dominate use of essential oils; Supercritical Co2 Extraction is the medical-grade purity standard of many Health Departments regulating marijuana extractions. In soap, this gourmand latte blend offers a mild base note of coffee with a touch of vanilla and a dash of cinnamon. Designed as a light building block to be stacked on top of our Muscovato Latte Pre-Shave; it sets the stage for the lingering scent of our matching Post-Shave Serum.

Sē'bŭm Green Woodland Moss Essential Oil Blend:

This is not your Grandpa's generic Pine and Oakmoss combination. This blend is complex, clean, and refreshing. We refuse to use pine as it lacks sophistication. We also do not use oakmoss because skincare is a priority for us, and oakmoss is on the EU list of banned allergens. We normally build a blend from the ground up based on very specific aromatherpy goals. This is the first blend where we focused on scent first while still upholding our aromatherapy values. We start with a foundation of a very special wood only found in Australia. From there we build heavy on the green herbaceous notes to create a very moss forward scent with a hint of a powdery lemon back note.