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Cork Tank - Aqua (Demo Unit)

$175.00 $225.00 saving $50.00
Cork Tank - Aqua (Demo Unit)

Cork Tank - Aqua (Demo Unit)

$175.00 $225.00 saving $50.00

Your "Cork Tank" dopp kit is fabricated in-house with cork fabric; utilizing double walled construction (dyed exterior wall with nude interior wall). All of our cork fabrics are the finest quality available; imported directly from Portugal. Cork fabric is known as Vegan Leather and shares leather's soft and smooth suppleness along with its durability, but without its high maintenance.

Much like animal leather, your cork leather dopp kitt will become even more supple and develop a beautiful patina as it reacts to the oils in your hands, and the environment. Yet, unlike animal leathers, vegan leather never needs conditioning! Cork is also naturally waterproof! To clean your Cork Tank, simply use a cloth moistened with mild soapy water and rub gently in circles. Wipe away any excess soap, and air dry.

The only difference between this demo unit and our made-to-order units is we did not use a binder end cap on the zipper tape in the interior of the bag. This is just an interior aesthetic that is added to our made-to-order bags. This demo unit has the same structual integrity as our made-to-order units.

 Construction Specs:

  • Double Walled Construction
  • 8 Solid Brass Rivets Reinforcing All Stress Points
  • Industrial v138 Automobile Upholstery Weighted Stitching
  • Heavy Duty Cork Zipper Ribs
  • Dual Heavy Duty Solid Brass "Riri" Zippers (imported from Switzerland)
  • Oversized Cork Handle (with branding)
  • 1oz Solid Brass 1.5" D-Ring

Dimensional Specs:

  • Cork Fabric Weight of Approximately 4.5oz at the Walls
  • Cork Fabric Weight of Approximately 9.5oz at the Zipper Ribs
  • Exterior Dimensions of Approximately 12"L x 6"W x 6"H
  • Interior Dimensions of Approximately 9.5"L x 6"W x 5.25"H 


  • Thick 100% Cotten Drawstring Dust Bag (with branding)
  • Antique Bronze Skeleton Key Lock 
  • 1oz Bar of Organic Beeswax (for zipper care) 
  • 2" Cork Sphere (for deburring new DE Razor Blades)

Some colors may appear brighter on mobile phones and some computer monitors than they are in real life.