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Sebum Gold is Skincare for the Earth & You!

1) At Sē'bŭm Gold every day is Earth Day. We take all our natural ingredients from the Earth and want to make sure consumer waste from our products have a minimal impact in return. We start by eliminating the use of plastic entirely and we bottle our product in glass using cork & wax seals.

2) Our labels are made from real wood.

3) We import our corks cut whole from the highest graded cork bark in Portugal. Whereas Agglomerated Corks are scraps held together by a chemical glue that can leach into your product.

4) Our dedication to not using plastic led to the development of our custom "aluminum & cork" serum decanter so you don’t waste valuable product. Aluminum is the most abundant metal on earth and 100% recyclable an infinite amount of times. Plastic on the other hand can only be recycled once and then it heads for the land fill, thus polluting the planet and leaching chemicals into our ecosystems.

5) All of our shipments use kraft boxes packed with biodegradable Aspen Wood Excelsior like they used for liquor in the days of Prohibition. Even our kraft tape uses a natural adhesive made from the sap of the Rubber Tree, versus the more abundantly available petrochemical adhesives used in the tape industry at large.

Sebum Gold Customers support what is best for the health of the earth and themselves!