SG Customs - Basic Service Pkg.

SG Customs - Basic Service Pkg.

SG Customs - Basic Service Pkg.


This package is ideal for those that want a matching set of shaving soap (7oz) and post-shave serum (5oz) with their favorite single note or 2-note blend of their favorite essential oils. Designed for those who know exactly what they want, and do not need the indepth consultation & co-blending services provided in the Deluxe Service Package. Have a more complex blend and don't need a consultation? We can quote that too! You can learn why our soap base is superior here. Also learn about our serum and watch a behind the scenes video on the Home Page.

This package also allows you to design your own packaging. You choose the color of the following:

  • Glass Serum Bottle Color
  • Aluminium Nipple Decanter Color
  • Wax Color (Trademark white stripe mandatory)
  • Name Your Set (labels)

We categorize essential oils into 4 Budget Categories:

  • Basic
  • Mid-level
  • Expensive
  • Exotic

Our Basic Service Package starts at $350 per set if you select your essential oils from the "Basic" budget category. Take a look at our Essential Oil Database (best viewed on desktop) that is categorized by budget, scent family, and aromatherapy uses.

For quotes on more expensive essential oils please Contact Us. You may also be interested in ordering our Essential Oil Sample Kit.

Lead-time is an estimated 45 days from the finalization of your SG Customs order details.

All Sales are Final! We are not responsible for allergies or your essential oil / blend meeting your envisioned expectations. For an additional cost, we can offer you samples of your chosen essential oil / blend from different sources to ensure we use your favorite version. Essential oils are commodities that fluctuate in quality from region and year of the crop.