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Customs Portfolio

Here you will find commissions from the past to give you an idea of our capabilities. Everything is available to be commissioned with an estimated 45-day lead time. For immediate delivery (2-3 day processing), we offer spares from recent commissions in our Spares for Sale section. We welcome C-Suite Corporate Gift inquiries and can offer tiered pricing for large order gift runs and corporate promotion.

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Haitian Vetiver Luxury Shave Set
This is a very popular commissioned set (estimated 45-day lead time) using Organic Haitian Vetiver essential oil from the Mid-level Budget category.  Our organic Haitian Vetiver has an aroma that is deep, heavy, slightly sweet and resinous, with p...
Max Sprecher Luxury Shave Set
from $445.00
We Offer 3 Editions of this Soap & Serum Set. Choose Your Favorite from the Drop Down Box Above!  We are so proud to present this set! It was an honor to work with Max as part of our Deluxe Service Package. Max Sprecher originally hails from B...
Limoncello Barbershop Luxury Shaving Set
Limoncello Barbershop can be commissioned as a shaving set only (Soap + Serum). Lead time is an estimated 45-days. Lemon Meringue Pie meets aromatic Fougère. A Lovely essential oil blend from the upper mid-level budget. This is our favorite scent ...
Sē'bŭm Aqua Luxury Shaving Set
This set is available by commission only (estimated 45-day lead time). Includes 7oz Soap and 5 fl oz Post-Shave Serum. Sē'bŭm Aqua -  Ocean Beachfront Essential Oil Blend: Sipping a Tropical Drink at a Tiki Bar in the Open Ocean Air! Aqua is natur...
Shave 326 Luxury Shaving Set
Shave 326 is an exquisite trilogy blend of Rose Absolutes from Bulgaria, Morocco, and Turkey melded with bright Japanese Yuzu and supported by a creamy wood base. This is a very green and masculine rose, softened by a creamsicle effect from the sw...
Gardd Rhosyn Luxury Shaving Set
Rose has been trending! Our Client took this rose blend to the darker side. His blend includes Bulgarian Rose Absolute, Clary Sage, Double Distilled Vetiver, and Black Pepper. The vetiver and black pepper really make this stand out from rose blend...
Exotic Piñon Pine Shave Set
Rare Opportunity for a Shave Set scented with an Essential Oil that is Only Distilled by a Handfull of Artisans in a Small Region of the United States. This is Not Produced at Scale Like Many Other Essential Oils! Scent Description & Species B...
Sē'bŭm Blue Exotic Shaving Set
Sē'bŭm Blue - Made with Earth's Rarest Essential Oils: This 100% essential oil blend is so exotic that only one note of the blend is even available as a synthetic fragrance oil. Meaning the remainder of the blend is comprised of olfactory stimulan...
Heart of Darkness Luxury Shaving Set
Heart of Darkness is an exquisite example of naturel perfumery built on a trilogy blend of Rose Absolutes from Bulgaria, Morocco, and Turkey darkened by Saffron Absolute (the rarest spice in the world). Saffon offers the green rose floral a leathe...
Sē'bŭm Fossil Exotic Shaving Set
SCENT DNA: 35-Million-Year-Old Ancient Amber & Authentic Oud (Agarwood) essential oil blend, with the feel of real Tonka Bean Butter!  Aged Leather and very Animalic. Extremely Primal! Fossil is a pheromonal atom splitter at the most primitiv...
Madagascar Exotic Shaving Set
This Exotic Shave Set consist of Pure Organic Madagascar Vanilla Co2 Total Extract with 12% Vanillin Content.  Rich, warm, sweet, and has a somewhat woody/animalic-like aroma, with soft notes of spice and tobacco and a very deep, sweet, balsamic b...