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Customs Portfolio

Here you will find commissions from the past to give you an idea of our capabilities. Everything is available to be commissioned with an estimated 45-day lead time. For immediate delivery (2-3 day processing), we offer spares from recent commissions in our Spares for Sale section. We welcome C-Suite Corporate Gift inquiries and can offer tiered pricing for large order gift runs and corporate promotion.

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Leatherneck Shaving Set
Leatherneck Blend: An asian blend of Japanese Hinoki Wood and Nagarmotha that creates a earthy and woody blend with strong notes of leather. This can be commissioned as a shaving set only (Soap + Serum) with an estimated 45 day lead-time.  For you...
Sicilian Lemon Luxury Shaving Set
from $350.00
This Sicilian Set is avaialable by commission using Sicilian Lemon steam distilled essential oil. The soap offers a mild sweetness and less tart citrus off the puck and blooms into its full scent when lathered. Simple and relaxing. On the serum we...
Grapefruit Laser Edition Shaving Set
This set was commissioned using Organic Ruby Red Grapefruit Essential Oil. The packaging has several upgrades from MSP Grapefruit: Eastern Red Cedar Wood Labels Cork Laser Engraved with a Grapefruit Graphic Red Dyed Cork Please note this set com...
French Lavender Luxury Shaving Set
This set is available by Commission Only (estimated 45-day lead time). It utilizes High Elevation French Lavender Essential Oil from the Basic Budget category. Lavender cultivated at high altitudes increases the development of the light and powder...
Mandarin Luxury Shaving Set
from $360.00
This Set was commisioned using Red Mandarin Essential Oil. The Customer upgraded the standard wood label to our Yellow / Orange Pine. Customer chose our top of the line cork option of Crushed Opal Inlay sanded to glass perfection using 80, 180, 32...
Not Out of the Woods Luxury Shaving Set
Not out of the Woods is a dominated blend of Virginian Cedarwood Essential Oil and Galbanum Essential Oil. A tremendous blend that transports you to a walk in the woodlands. This set is available by Commission Only (estimated 45-day lead time).   
Oumo Brush Luxury Shaving Set
Oumo Brush (also known as Oumo.Carry.Stone on Instgram is a popular brush artisan of the last 30 years who handties his knots. For his natural perfumery he chose an aromatherapy blend of oils from the mid-level and basic budget categories (Galbanu...
Old School Luxury Shaving Set (With Upgrades)
Old School is a recent commission utilizing Eucalyptus Essential Oil & Menthol. Think Poraso, but we went with Eucalyptus Radiata vs Globulus. This offers a scent difference that pushes the medicinal scent of globulus to the slightly sweeter s...
Aloha Shavers Luxury Shaving Set
from $395.00
  This set was created by one of our more experienced clients. As he puts it, he created a scent that was invigorating while simultaneously relaxing. The essential oils used in this blend are Balsam of Peru, Bergamot, Lavandin, and Radiata Eucalyp...
Tonka Bean Butter Straight Razor Shaving Set
This set is available by Commission Only (estimated 45-day lead time). Designed with the Straight Razor Shaver in mind; Tonka Bean Butter produces a thinner, yet much slicker lather than our base formulation. Natural Tonka Bean Butter produces a l...
Apple Martini Luxury Shaving Set
This set is available by Commission Only (estimated 45-day lead time). Included is a 7oz soap and 5fl oz post-shave serum offering the scent of a boozy green apple martini. An intoxicating essential oil blend from the mid-level budget. For your ow...
Haitian Vetiver Luxury Shave Set
This is a very popular commissioned set (estimated 45-day lead time) using Organic Haitian Vetiver essential oil from the Mid-level Budget category.  Our organic Haitian Vetiver has an aroma that is deep, heavy, slightly sweet and resinous, with p...