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Here you will find commissions from the past, limited runs under quantity 10, and Exotic Shave Sets. Some items will be available for immediate sale, while others are available for you to commission as a shave set.
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Mandarin Holidays Shaving Soap (1 of 8)
$95.00 $125.00
Remember when Mom would simmer cinnamon, cloves, and orange peels on the stove top during the Holidays? This is an interpretation of that except we upgraded the orange peels for a more exotic Red Mandarin, and we cut way back on the cinnamon and c...
French Lavender Luxury Shaving Set
This set is available by Commission Only (45-day lead time). It utilizes High Elevation French Lavender Essential Oil from the Basic Budget category. Lavender cultivated at high altitudes increases the development of the light and powdery ester, l...
Tonka Bean Butter Straight Razor Shaving Set
This set is available by Commission Only (45-day lead time). Designed with the Straight Razor Shaver in mind; Tonka Bean Butter produces a thinner, yet much slicker lather than our base formulation. Natural Tonka Bean Butter produces a sweet gourm...
Apple Martini Luxury Shaving Set
This set is available by Commission Only (45-day lead time). Included is a 7oz soap and 5fl oz post-shave serum offering the scent of a boozy green apple martini. An intoxicating essential oil blend from the mid-level budget. When commissioning th...
Haitian Vetiver Luxury Shave Set
This is a very popular commissioned set (45-day lead time) using Organic Haitian Vetiver essential oil from the Mid-level Budget category.  Our organic Haitian Vetiver has an aroma that is deep, heavy, slightly sweet and resinous, with pronounced ...
Limoncello Barbershop Luxury Shaving Set
Limoncello Barbershop can be commissioned as a shaving set only (Soap + Serum). Lead time is 45-days. Lemon Meringue Pie meets aromatic Fougère. A Lovely essential oil blend from the upper mid-level budget. Free Shipping USA. For your own unique c...
Sē'bŭm Aqua Luxury Shaving Set
This is an off-season commission (45-day lead time). If you wait until the Summer of 2020; you will be able to purchase this set at a much more affordable in-season production price.  When you commission this set in the off-season, we will persona...
1 left
Sē'bŭm Fossil Exotic Shaving Set
$700.00 $850.00
You've Never Smelled 35 million Year Old Ancient Amber & Authentic Oud (Agarwood Essential Oil) with the feel of Real Tonka Bean Butter! This set is just about experiencing the wonders that are hidden from you. Indulge in an authentic scent th...
Sē'bŭm Blue Exotic Shaving Set
Sē'bŭm Blue - Made with Earth's Rarest Essential Oils: This 100% essential oil blend is so exotic that only one note of the blend is even available as a synthetic fragrance oil. Meaning the remainder of the blend is comprised of olfactory stimulan...